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Exquisite Brides

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  • You'll need fittings on your gown and they are all done in store under our watchful eye.

  • Your fittings will last between 30 and 45 minutes and the focus will be on the dress and the fit.

  • Our talented seamstress Anna has worked with us for 9 years and knows everything about our gowns and how they should fit. The work is done in a studio not far from our boutique.

  • Our dresses are all made to the highest quality and finish by each of our designers. Attention to detail is key.



The fittings for you in your chosen dress are the most important part of your wedding dress journey.  This is where attention to detail is key to ensure your dress is exactly as you wish.  We are here every step of the way to guide you and to help calm those initial nerves that every bride has when coming to try your dress for the first time. 

Most brides need 3-4 fittings of their dress.  Some dresses are simpler than others and you may only need 2, however we always like to plan on the side of caution and allow time for 3 or 4 fitting appointments.  That way you are relaxed and we can make sure you are 100% happy.

We like to be organised and plan your fittings well in advance.  Generally each fitting will last 30-40 minutes and we recommend you bring a maximum of 2 people with you as it is important that we can focus purely on the fit. Fittings take place here in the boutique with our experience seamstress Anna and an Exquisite team member also. Our fittings take place on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Friday's generally from 1pm

We advise you come to your fittings with the correct underwear, your chosen shoes and a professionally fitted bra if you choose to wear one.  Please do ask us beforehand for advice on undergarments and we'll recommend accordingly as everyone is unique.

Natalie & Anna x