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Danielle, Dahlia & Darla

Catherine Deane

These three pieces work beautifully together allowing you an interchangeable look for your day and separate pieces you'll wear again!

Danielle Skirt - £600 - A wonderfully sumptuous satin skirt that falls like liquid gold.  For that simple cut and pure Hollywood glamour.

Dahlia Top - £260 - Echoing a bygone golden era, with a long sleeve and delicate lace, high collar feature the Dahlia lace overlay is the perfect blend of vintage nostalgia and contemporary cut and fit. 

Darla Bodice - £200 - The essential key piece in creating your individual bridal separate look is the Darla duchess satin bodice. Light but form-fitting, simple but chic it can be effortlessly worn with either an embroidered lace overlay or keep as a stand-alone statement. The looks are limitless! Let your inner-stylist journey begin with the Darla bodice