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Foolproof Ways to Choose Your Wedding Colour Scheme

If you don’t yet have a clear vision of how you want your wedding to look, it can be very difficult to choose a colour scheme for the day, or even to know where to start with selecting one. If you still have an open mind about your wedding colour palette, or if you are struggling to make your final pick, then here are some foolproof tips that will help to make choosing your wedding colour scheme a breeze.

Venue: Have you booked your venue yet? If so, use it as inspiration for your colour scheme. Venues will often be decorated with a particular flair and that will be the very reason you chose it, so draw inspiration from the décor already in place to create the perfectly complementary colour palette.

Dress: What colour is your dress going to be? What style? If you are having a coloured dress then use that as a starting point, and if your dress is the more traditional shade of white then use the design to inspire you. A brightly coloured scheme would complement a sleek modern gown, whereas a more atmospheric palette of navy and gold would work beautifully with an art deco style gown.

Season: Perhaps the easiest way to choose a stunning colour palette is to consider the time of year. Sumptuous rich autumnal colours and greenery are gorgeous from September right through to January, with pastels being perfect for Spring. Get inspired by the flowers that are in season on your special day and use them as a muse.

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