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Small is Beautiful: How to Pull Off an Intimate Wedding

Planning a smaller wedding (which is usually defined as a wedding that has 40 invitees or less) is a lovely way to celebrate your marriage with that added level of closeness to your guests. Far from being less special than a big wedding, many couples who have opted for a much more intimate celebration have described just how extraordinary their day was.

If you are planning to hold your own small wedding, here are some tips to to pull off the perfect day.

Attention to detail – Sometimes the details can get lost in the overall scale of a larger wedding, so if you have chosen to hold a quieter day, your thoughtful touches and intricate DIY projects really get their chance to shine, so make them count.

Get creative with seating arrangements – the smaller guest lists gives you a chance to mix it up as far as seating is concerned. Consider scrapping the top table and all sit together, a completely informal seating arrangement could help relieve that one particularly stressful bit of wedding planning: the seating plan.

Personal touch – you’ll definitely be able to add more thoughtful touches for your guests, either in your menu or drinks choices, or even if it’s ensuring you are able to talk with everyone present. Your guests will love the chance to chat with the bride and groom!

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