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Great Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Bunting

Cheerful bunting has become a mainstay of the classic British wedding in recent years. Not only is it lovely to look at, it also effortlessly brightens up plain white walls and outdoor spaces. If you need to add a splash of colour to your venue but bunting isn’t for you, here are some great alternatives.

Pom Pom garlands – pom pom garlands are easy to DIY and you can pick the perfectly coloured yarn to complement your wedding theme. Similar to bunting in its construction, unlike the triangular flags these round poms poms won’t flap in the wind or get tangled up in each other.

Paper lanterns – great for both high and low ceilings alike, paper lanterns are inexpensive and easy to hang. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colours, they are a fabulous option if you aren’t able to hang anything from the walls.

Floral / greenery garlands – using real or artificial flowers and greenery you can create some impressively unique displays. Hang flowers from threads as a curtain covering one wall, or construct long garlands out of greenery to adorn the walls, this option has a very contemporary feel.

Creative lighting – if you aren’t able to decorate too much, then get creative with your lighting. Coloured fairy lights add dimension and fun, whilst cool white lights are a sleeker option.

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