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How To Pick Dresses That All Your Bridesmaids Will Love

It’s only natural that you would ask your closest friends and family members to take on the special role of bridesmaid. With any group, tastes and style can vary wildly, and whilst you know they’d do anything to make sure you’re happy on your big day – you want your maids to be happy too!

Here are the two best pieces of advice we can give for making sure everyone gets a dress they love.

Same Colour Dress In Different Styles

This is perhaps the most popular technique that has been employed successfully by many brides, especially if their maids vary in size and shape. Pick the colour and set your bridesmaids a few ground rules – you may want all the gowns to be floor length, or even have a budget limit - then let your maids choose the style that they feel suits them the most.

Some may opt for strapless dresses, others might want an empire waist or a halterneck, and all will look and feel comfortable on the day. 

Same Style In Different Colours

Whilst this might sound obvious, it very often goes untried and a multi-coloured bridal party is so striking! This option is especially perfect if you have a very strong vision for the style of your wedding day, such as a retro 50’s theme or old Hollywood glamour feel. Many bridal boutiques, ourselves included, offer the same style of bridesmaid gown in every colour of the rainbow so there’s the perfect shade for every skin tone.

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