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Wedding Trivia: 7 Interesting Facts About The Big Day

With marriage being such a longstanding tradition, many superstitions and interesting quirks have grown around the ceremony. Just for fun, we wanted to share with you 7 interesting wedding related facts that you might not have heard before:

  1. Great news for those planning a midweek wedding - according to tradition here in the UK, getting married on a Monday is best for future wealth, Tuesday brings good health, and Wednesday is the best day all round.
  2. Apologies to any arachnophobes, but English lore states that finding a spider on your wedding dress is a very good omen for your upcoming nuptials.
  3. The bridal bouquet symbolises fertility and everlasting love… but did you know that the bride used to carry bunches of strong smelling garlic and herbs down the aisle to ward off evil spirits? Thank goodness that particular tradition has changed!
  4. Haven’t found the perfect dress yet? Not to worry, most brides will try on about 4 dresses before they find ‘the one’.
  5. Whilst Japanese brides have always worn a white gown, it wasn’t a tradition in the western world until trendsetter Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding day in 1840.
  6. You might be worried about rain on your wedding day, but Hindu tradition states that this is a very lucky sign.
  7. Last but not least, when you’re picking out the perfect bikini for your honeymoon then, according to it’s creator, it’s only a genuine bikini if “it can be pulled through a wedding ring!”

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