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Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Veil

To veil or not to veil, that can often be the question. Even though more and more brides are opting to go without, traditional veils are still very much on trend. There are plenty of options available that will please both the traditional and the fashion forward bride.

To make sure you get your perfect veil, here are our top tips to consider:

  • How long would you like it to be? Think about your bridal gown and consider which length would complement it best. From a small cage veil to the full cathedral length, there is a wide range to pick your perfect match from.
  • How many tiers will it have? One tier is ideal if you don’t want your face to be obscured and two tiers are perfect for covering your face. Three tiers, although less common, adds overall fullness and drama to the veil.
  • What details would you prefer, if any? Lace, pearls, crystals and even glitter veils; there are so many different types of embellishment available for your veil that it could be overwhelming!
  • Which colour would you like? Veils come ready made in a vast array of colours, so finding a match should be easy. However, if your dress is a more unusual shade, you might want to consider having one professionally dyed.

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