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How to Choose the Perfect Song For Your First Dance

One of the most iconic moments of any wedding is the first dance; so choosing the perfect song can feel like a big decision to make. For many, this song choice will be an easy one; you’ll use ‘your’ song of course! But for those couples without a song, here are some top tips on how to pick first dance music that you both will love:

  • Think back to when you first met. Your first date, an evening out dancing or a gig you went to together. A song that represents a fun, or romantic, moment from early in your relationship is a lovely first dance idea.
  • Is there a song that is important in your family? Does one or other of you have a family heritage that includes traditional wedding music? This could be a wonderfully unique first dance idea and a charming homage to your ancestors.
  • Try focusing on the lyrics of the song, are there any which might not have reached ‘your song’ status but whenever you hear the lyrics you both think: “that’s so us”? Lyrics with a special meaning are just as important as the melody!
  • If all else fails, which songs do you both like at the moment? If the choice is becoming difficult, then a contemporary song with a nice groove is all you need!

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