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The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Finding the right photographer to capture your wedding is key; after all, the most enduring keepsakes from your magical day will be the photographs. For your peace of mind, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 5 questions to ask when chatting with potential photographers.

What style do you use?

Chances are you’ll already have a good idea of their visual style from looking through their portfolio, but it’s worth asking whether they like to blend in and become part of the wedding or prefer to remain separate.

Will it be you that shoots my wedding?

It might feel strange to ask, but sometimes the person you speak with might not be the one who turns up on the day, especially if you are dealing with a larger company.

What happens if you are ill/equipment breaks/another emergency?

Knowing that the photographer is insured and could replace broken equipment or shoots with two SD cards in case one gets corrupted will really help set your mind at rest.

Bad weather plan

Talking of contingency planning, find out if your photographer can handle bad weather conditions, and is comfortable shooting under artificial and low light. Ask to see examples of previous work under these conditions too.

Prints? Digital album? Options?

Some photographers will give you a wedding album of prints as standard; others give you your digital images on a USB stick with the option to purchase prints. Make sure you find out at the start which option your photographer offers.

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